Chef’s Table at Devonshire Cavendish Hotel

Our brief was to create a Chef’s table in the professional hothouse kitchen at the Devonshire Cavendish Hotel. < Back to Projects

The corner space, measuring only 2.5m2 was perfectly positioned for a small table on a dais, creating both an area of tranquility for guests and also a platform allowing the Chef to approach and introduce dishes.

In keeping with the industrial feel of the kitchen, the floor – also subject to the rigorous kitchen-cleaning schedule was of checker-plate, whilst the surface of the bespoke walnut table was given a treatment of industrial strength lacquer. Fabrics were carefully selected taking into account their placement in a kitchen environment along with their hardwearing and cleaning qualities.

Colours used were vibrant and in stark contrast to the sterile walls and equipment of the kitchen, bringing the corner to life.

To separate this small area from the rest of the kitchen and provide a clean, temperature controllable ambiance, the ceiling over the corner area was lowered and fitted with an air-con unit and extraction.