What We Do

How we help you

We offer a full design service that interprets your brief and delivers your project on time, on budget and how you envisaged.

Every client and every project is different so how we get there is up to you. Not every project requires internal spaces reconfiguring; not every client has an architect or project manager. However, as a general rule, our project process offers:

  • Feasibility Study – narrowing down your options
  • Concept Design – sketched visuals of how your space might look
  • Design Detailing – producing drawings & plans for trades
  • Purchasing – new, bespoke or repurposed
  • Fit-Out

Good design does not have to cost the earth

“My attitude is not to be overly precious; interior design is not about me forcing my ideas onto a client and their customers. Instead, it is about creating something that works for them and enhances their business. It is about producing the best solution we can, for the budget – and that does not mean holding back on quality or design. Good design does not have to cost the earth.”

Rachel McLane

When it comes to specifying furniture for a design, we will, of course, source new furniture if requested. And if you can’t find what you want, we will design bespoke pieces for you.

Bereca Bar, Bike & Boot - repurposed furniture & bar
Moor View Cottage - restored antiques/family furniture
Renishaw Hall Tea Room - a new lease of life for family artwork/artifacts

Its not always about brand new

We can restore your existing furniture using our network of specialist suppliers and craftspeople. This saves you money and prevents perfectly good pieces going into landfill.

We repurposed some of the furniture in the bar and restaurant of Scarborough’s iconic Bike & Boot Inn. This helped with overall project costs for the client, and it also reduced the project’s carbon footprint as we did not have to procure and ship in new.

Another example is the Old Post Office at Scalby, as shown at the top of the page. We repurposed, repainted and reupholstered several items belonging to the family. The client had not even considered this to be an option, but was delighted with the results.

Maximising your business opportunity

As part of the feasibility, we will look at the space you have and its use. For example, we might suggest improvements to how your back of house staff operates or enhancements to customer flow or segregation.

Harmonising family life!

A lot of older properties benefit from a remodel to make them functional for the modern family. Our process is to look at existing room layouts and how you use them, then take that space and make it work.


We work as one with the project team. We continuously communicate with Project Managers, Architects, trades and other key personnel throughout the project. We find life is much easier when we are all knowingly working towards the same goal.

Projects featured on this page

Bike & Boot Scarborough
Old Post Office Scalby
Renishaw Hall & Tearoom
Moor View Cottage on the Chatsworth Estate