Devonshire Pilsley, Bar Refurbishment

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The Devonshire Pilsley is proud to be a pub and aims to strike a balance between a bar and dining but, with the décor showing signs of its age, it was time for an update and injection of personality.

Our objective was to make the bar and dining area more attractive to locals while at the same time increasing covers in the popular dining area.

This bar refurbishment was very much an interiors refit – with only one significant change in the form of a new bar and overhead bulkhead.

Floors were sanded throughout and refinished, instantly giving a fresh look. The old mismatched tables were replaced with new tables of a larger size, but crucially can be used in a modular fashion to cater for any sized group; this way more covers can be achieved should the occasion arise.

We kept some of the chairs and had them reupholstered while replacing others. The banquette was also reupholstered, and the mix of old and new chair styles imparts a comfortable informality to the dining area.

The original straight bar was replaced with a curved design of rustic oak planks with a hardwood top. The new shape leads people into the bar and makes better use of the space. The bar itself has smart fold-down seats for those who prefer to sit at the bar. These seats naturally do away with the need for cumbersome bar stools.

The traditional heavy bulkhead of the bar was removed. In its place, we designed a curved glass rack, following the shape of the new bar and reflecting light. To complete the bar, a new mirror was fitted to the back bar.

Different, but complementary “rural pursuits” wallpapers were used to delineate different areas and the walls dressed with photographs taken locally on the Estate.

We added dado panelling in the breakfast room and rear dining area to break up the walls and give character. Finally, the former snug was transformed into a Private Dining Room.

Photos copyright and kindly supplied by client.