Pannal Golf Clubhouse Interior Refurbishment

Updated and refurbished clubhouse interior for Pannal Golf Club, Harrogate. < Back to Projects

Our brief was to enhance the Clubhouse interior for both members and guests. The Committee wanted a multi purpose space in a comfortable and welcoming environment aspiring to a position in Yorkshire’s Top Five Golf Clubs.

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In a classic and timeless style befitting the status of Pannal Golf Club we used a mixture of tactile polished hardwoods and soft practical textures to give a luxurious, inviting and comfortable feel.

We created 2 main function suites plus a sports bar. The sports bar can be included within function suite 1 to enlarge the capacity if required. The redesign to the bar enables the workable space to be operated per function whilst allowing separate access if required.

We lowered ceilings in selected areas to open up and de-clutter the space. This allowed the introduction of LED ceiling features and feature lighting. The lighting design created areas of ambience and an illusion of seclusion within the larger space.

The club’s architectural heritage in the form of timber paneling and cornices were retained where possible.

Seating is now a mixture of club and easy chairs in complementary muted colours and classic fabric. We specified smaller modular units in dark timber replacing old-fashioned varnished pine. Bespoke carpeting and hardwearing spike resistant flooring in strategic areas was fitted throughout.

Wall treatments in high traffic areas are hardwearing and chosen for their classic textured, formal design. Fabrics are Fire rated and suitable for contract use.

The overall theme is fresh yet classic and gentrified delivering a ‘wow’ factor upon arrival. The expectation it creates generates a desire to explore. Importantly, each space has its own identity and yet sits comfortably within the homogeneity of a single environment.