Stonehouse, Harrogate

Stonehouse is a family business with over 20 years experience in selling fireplaces. < Back to Projects

They employed our services to revolutionise their 3000 sq. ft. showroom and bring it bang up to date.

Our unique solution was to design individual pods allowing fireplaces to be displayed in a stylish enclave creating the illusion of a room.

These realistic room sets are decorated to show each product to its best advantage, and create a “Wow!” factor for customers, who can now easily envisage how the fire would translate to their own home.

By adding ceiling rafts with lighting and carefully arranging the new pods, we turned a massive warehouse into an attractive and welcoming retail environment.

The pods can easily be re-styled with new fires and décor, empowering our client to keep their showroom and business at the cutting edge, and providing a real advantage over their competitors.