The Black Swan Tea Rooms, Helmsley

We designed the award winning Tea Rooms in 2007, whilst refurbishing the public lounges and private dining room. The client’s request was for traditional comfort. < Back to Projects

The end design is based on the Arts and Crafts Movement, from the first decade of the 20th Century – a time when afternoon tea and tea dances were all the rage.

The space that became charming and traditional started out as a smoking bar.

We removed one wall and built another one to completely change the circulation and provide the Tea Room with its own entrance, bringing in new customers from the bustling market square.

We installed a stunning floor in reclaimed oak, which blends completely with the original features.

A key feature of the Tea Room is the bespoke Waiter Station. This is a dresser we designed in the Arts and Crafts style, built in aged, fumed oak.

Finally, we enhanced the ambience of The Tea Room by adding pictures and props suitable for the era and style of the room.

The result, according to our clients, is a Tea Room that “offers a fabulous quintessentially English Afternoon Tea experience.”

It is impossible to believe that the Tea Room was not an original feature of this historical hotel.

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